Friday , May 24 2024

Educational Programs

The educational programs of the marathon run museum can be developed in the following levels:

Level One : By sending informative material at schools and feedback on the teachers and students about the museum , the kind of exhibits and the content of the exhibition.

Level Two : A visit in the Museum , “The Museum with one stride” .The students became familiar with the museum by walking around it.

Level Three : Presenting a movie or photo Material related to the Marathon Movement

Level Four : Participation in an experiential activity group. I discover the museum the title: “Look out and Find” .The Kids are separated in groups with activity papers and exploit the place by answering questions on the leaflets.

Level Five :The students take place in a Game combining cards which requires Luck , Memory and the Knowledge from the exploitation of the Museum.

Level Six : Discussion with distinguished Marathon Runner for particular subject .

Level Seven: Discussion clarifying issues and contact the proposed activities in the classroom based on the kinds’ feedback and inspiration from the museum visit.

The museum put priority in kids’ critical thought in matters of athletics, art. modern visual art and evaluate the roll of museum as a cultural institution.

Ticket for taking part in educational programs is € 2. Students with special social features do not pay ticket, after contacting and informing the museum.


For more information, requests of educational material and appointments for educational programs you can contact with Marathon Run Museum, calling 2294067617 or sending e-mail: