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Collection of Marathon runner Stelios Kyriakidis

The greatest Greek Marathon Runner Stylianos Kyriakidis was born in the village Statos of Pafos in Cyprus in 1910 and died in Athens on December 10, 1987.  In 1946 during the Civil War in Greece, he decided to take part in the famous Boston Marathon. In order to provide for his tickets, he was forced to sell all his household effects, however upon his arrival in America, the doctors did not allow him to take part in the race, because he was too thin to be able to compete. He, however, having unshakeable faith in himself, managed after a dramatic fight, with the World Champion of the time John Kelly, to win the race and again a place in the Pantheon of great Marathon Runners of all time. His time, 2h 29΄27΄΄, was then a world record. Kyriakidis in the 18 years of his career, was proclaimed 6 times First Balkan Games Medallist in the 10 km race and the Marathon Run. In 1936, he took part in the Berlin Olympic Games and came in 11th with a time of 2h 43΄20΄΄. He broke 36 Pan-Hellenic records altogether while he was always an athlete belonging to Olympia Lemessos Gymnastic Association.

Συλλογή Κυπέλλων Μαραθωνοδρόμου Στέλιου Κυριακίδη – Cups Collection of Marathon Runner Stelios Kyriakidis

Το Μετάλλιο Νικητή Μαραθώνιου Βοστόνης 1946 – The Medal of Marathon Winner 1946 in Boston

Συλλογή Μαραθωνοδρόμου Στέλιου Κυριακίδη – Stelios Kyriakidi’s collection

Συλλογή Μαραθωνοδρόμου Στέλιου Κυριακίδη – Stelios Kyriakidi’s collection

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