Tuesday , June 18 2024

Educational Programs

1. Presentation-tour of the Museum
2. Experiential Activity “SEARCH & FIND”
3. Training program – “I respect diversity”
4. “Presentation of the Modern Olympic & Paralympic Games”.
5. Sports Events with Marathon Road Champions
6. Revival of the Traditional Game


Presentation-tour of the Museum

– Discussion-Acquaintance with Top Greek Marathon Runners-Champions.

– Screening possibility of an educational film about the historical
development of the Marathon Race (23min)

Experiential Activity “SEARCH &

– Visit to the Museum, “The Museum step by step”. The children will explore the
museum on their own.
– Screening of a film or photo material related to the Marathon Movement.
– Participation in a group experiential activity, I discover the Museum. Title
“Search and Find”. The children are divided into working groups with worksheets
and explore the area answering questions of the booklet.
– Game- “What do the cards hide”. The students utilize the knowledge they gained
during the presentation of the Museum exhibits by their classmates and
participate in a card matching game that combines luck-memory-but also acquired
knowledge and experiences.
– Students using some of the above cards participate in a Pantomime game in
order to present the fellow students what they have learnt and highlight the
Museum exhibits.
– Discussion with distinguished Marathon Runners on specific-specialized topics
such as: healthy diet, daily life of an athlete, Marathon preparation, equipment
– Discussion, clarification of issues and conduct of suggested activities in the
classroom based on the stimuli and inspirations of the children from the Museum

Both the permanent staff of the museum and the special collaborating staff
(athletes, gymnasts, distinguished marathon runners) contribute to the
achievement of the goals of the Museum.

The above
program is curated by Mr. Dimitrios Papathanassiou MSc Director 1st Dim. Fig.

* The cost of attending museum
education programs is € 2. Students with special social characteristics do not
pay a fee, provided prior communication and information with the museum

For further information, requests to send
educational material and appointments for museum-pedagogical programs you can
contact the Marathon Run Museum at

or at e-mail:
mouseio @ marathon.gr

** * The program is designed for
all ages.

Training program – “I respect diversity”

The program is about school bullying and dispute resolution and aims to
educate children on how to avoid such behaviors, through the application of
Olympic values ​​and the ideals of the Olympic Truce in our daily lives. The
pillars of the program are the Olympic values:

  • Joy of the effort
  • Fair play
  • Respect
  • Search for Excellence
  • Balance between body, will and spirit

The program is focused on students aged 10 – 15 years and is organized in 4
thematic areas, which reflect the ideals of the Olympic Truce::

  • Recognition of diversity
  • Equal opportunities
  • Social integration
  • Dispute Resolution

The program is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education and
Religious Affairs and comprises of seminars in schools, formulated by special
educators of the British Council, using modern educational methods and
activities aimed at the interactive participation of students.  Members of
the Hellenic Olympians Associations are also present.

“Presentation of the Modern Olympic
& Paralympic Games”

Τhe program is supported by Greek Olympic medallists and Olympians.
The Olympians answer to questions and concerns of the children, who take on the
role of a journalist. The Olympians present their sport and share with the
students personal experiences, sporting moments and memories as well as the
anxiety and difficulties they face to reach their goals; to participate in the
Olympics and place themselves on the podium.


Sports Events with the Marathon Road


Revival of the Traditional Game